More Pets – Our New Puppy, TobyNo

Enough attention for the crazy psycho killer dog. Let me introduce you to TobyNo, our new puppy. His name is actually Toby. However, we like to call him TobyNo; rolling it off the tongue as one word. Toby no doubt thinks his middle name is No, since it nearly always follows his first name as we admonish him for one thing after another. This little canine is a piece of work; to say the least, unlike any we have ever seen before.After losing our little Papillon, Stella Bella, who we homed for a very short time, I was convinced we’d have no more dogs. However, my husband is a bigger sap than I am when it comes to animals. A couple of months ago he came home full of tales about a Chihuahua litter that apparently tugged at his heart strings. He kept saying, “You have to come and see these little pups.” I said “no more pets”, and that I wasn’t particularly fond of Chihuahuas as a breed. He went on to say that he agreed, but that I have to see him.

Eventually he wore me down as he described the one particular pup that caught his eye. He was the only one in the litter with long hair. My interest began to pique even before I laid eyes on him. Since I love long-haired dogs, my resistance was beginning to wane. Also, long-haired Chihuahuas look a whole lot like Papillons, a breed we came to love while caring for Stella. Finally, after a couple of weeks of hearing about this little guy, I was talked into going to see him. We took Auggie and headed over to take a peek. On the drive over, my hubby casually mentioned that he named him. How did this happen? I asked myself. You don’t name a dog if he’s not going to be yours! But, by that point it was all over – enter Toby.

When we got to the back yard where he lived, we saw his litter mates, but no Toby. Finally he came out from behind a bush all prancing and bouncy, like here I am. What’s up? You could tell he was top pup as he interacted with the other puppies, and he was nearly twice the size of the others. Though the other pups were cute enough, Toby stood out as the one with all the energy and personality. We brought him home the following week.

Bless his heart; Auggie-doggie, more commonly known as crazy psycho killer dog, has taken to his little brother like a trooper. He puts up patiently with all his puppy nonsense. This, of course, warmed our hearts because we so wanted a playmate for Auggie, and we knew that in the past he hadn’t responded well to other puppies. He doesn’t like all the energy and constant playful mood of pups. But Toby hounded, pun intended, him to death until he finally gave in and began romping with him on a regular basis. He wasn’t immediately accommodating, and at first avoided him. But, soon enough he caved in to his cuteness, as though to say, “Alright already, I’ll play with you!”

Mom and Dad however forgot what it was like to have a puppy in the house. We couldn’t recall Auggie being this frisky as a pup. In any case, his cuteness far outweighs the craziness of his puppy antics of constant movement and chewing everything in sight. Thank God Auggie shares his toys fairly nicely, because this little guy needs to have something in his mouth at all times. Even our hands are nothing but big chew toys for him, and he thinks nothing of gnawing on them as though they are the best chew toys in the world.

He is a smart little rascal too and is quickly learning all the common doggie commands. At three months, he has already mastered “sit” and we are working on “down” and “shake.” Maybe we are just proud pet parents, but we think he is especially smart to learn so quickly. He mastered the stair steps we bought him nearly immediately and was climbing up and down to the easy chair and our bed just like a pro.

We are tickled pink he has joined our family. We will be taking him on his first family vacation over the Fourth of July holiday. We’re going to Las Vegas and staying at the Imperial Palace, one of Vegas’ pet friendly hotels. Auggie is a great traveler so we hope Toby follows his lead and doesn’t howl in his cage for the three and a half hour drive. This should be quite the experience; a good one we hope. It may very well be fodder for the next doggie story. Stay tuned.

Update:  Toby is now 3 years old.  We had his DNA tested and found out he is a Pomeranian MinPin mix – Surprise!

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