Human Connection to Pets

The connection between people and their pets is a fascinating subject. Have you ever watched some of those internet videos of animals making strange bedfellows with other animals? Sometimes they are wild animals and domesticated animals who make friends with each other. Other times you see animals that hook up with each other when normally they would be the hunter and the prey. And then of course you have those unique human individuals who pick wild and dangerous animals for pets. It never ceases to make me scratch my head with disbelief.

Can it be that there is more of a connection between animals and humans than most people think? I don’t claim to know what it is, but I think there is something to it; probably that we are more alike than unalike. People of faith will tell you that animals have no soul, thereby alluding that there is no real connection. Still, many would say that our pets will be joining us in heaven. Personally, I think heaven will be a bit sad without a few fur-balls running around, leaping in the air to catch a ball!

It can be said, and has, that we are ALL animals, which certainly makes the connection logical. Clearly all animals and humans alike have some of the same needs and instincts. We all have the need for food, shelter, and companionship; and of course, the urge to merge. On the surface, it would appear we are more alike than unalike. I’m having more difficulty coming up with our differences. I find this a light-bulb moment. Sure, animals can’t talk and aren’t as intelligent as humans, and they all look different, whereas humans pretty much all look alike. However, our basic needs including the need for affection are the same.

Domestic animals, particularly dogs and cats have a close relationship with human beings, for obvious reasons. Some are bred to be eaten and others are meant for companions. It makes for a real dilemma for serious animal lovers who can’t bear the thought of eating animals. I think the reason we love animals so much is because they don’t expect much from us, and they give a lot in return. Human to human relationships are hardly that giving.

It makes you wonder how people can be so loving with their animals, yet seemingly neglect fellow human beings. It’s really not that difficult to understand when you consider the work and understanding involved in getting along with human beings. Some people prefer not to make the effort, sad though that may be. It’s much easier to love our pets, and makes for a simpler less complicated relationship. It might be a little crazy, but I get it.

We need to make a more serious effort to love and get along with our human friends, family and foe. As cute and loving as our pets are, they can’t fill our lives.


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