Human Connection to Pets

The connection between people and their pets is a fascinating subject. Have you ever watched some of those internet videos of animals making strange bedfellows with other animals? Sometimes they are wild animals and domesticated animals who make friends with each other. Other times you see animals that hook up with each other when normally they would be the hunter and the prey. And then of course you have those unique human individuals who pick wild and dangerous animals for pets. It never ceases to make me scratch my head with disbelief.

Can it be that there is more of a connection between animals and humans than most people think? I don’t claim to know what it is, but I think there is something to it; probably that we are more alike than unalike. People of faith will tell you that animals have no soul, thereby alluding that there is no real connection. Still, many would say that our pets will be joining us in heaven. Personally, I think heaven will be a bit sad without a few fur-balls running around, leaping in the air to catch a ball!

It can be said, and has, that we are ALL animals, which certainly makes the connection logical. Clearly all animals and humans alike have some of the same needs and instincts. We all have the need for food, shelter, and companionship; and of course, the urge to merge. On the surface, it would appear we are more alike than unalike. I’m having more difficulty coming up with our differences. I find this a light-bulb moment. Sure, animals can’t talk and aren’t as intelligent as humans, and they all look different, whereas humans pretty much all look alike. However, our basic needs including the need for affection are the same.

Domestic animals, particularly dogs and cats have a close relationship with human beings, for obvious reasons. Some are bred to be eaten and others are meant for companions. It makes for a real dilemma for serious animal lovers who can’t bear the thought of eating animals. I think the reason we love animals so much is because they don’t expect much from us, and they give a lot in return. Human to human relationships are hardly that giving.

It makes you wonder how people can be so loving with their animals, yet seemingly neglect fellow human beings. It’s really not that difficult to understand when you consider the work and understanding involved in getting along with human beings. Some people prefer not to make the effort, sad though that may be. It’s much easier to love our pets, and makes for a simpler less complicated relationship. It might be a little crazy, but I get it.

We need to make a more serious effort to love and get along with our human friends, family and foe. As cute and loving as our pets are, they can’t fill our lives.


Pets Crowding My Bed

Sometimes I get so tired of my pets crowding my bed; literally tired as well. Waking up ‘dog tired’ in the morning is not the way I want to start my day.  I sleep in a queen-sized bed with a husband, two dogs and a cat.  I adore my pets and actually enjoy having them close by my side at night.  HOWEVER, many nights there is actually way too much activity going on when one is supposed to be catching some z’s.

For instance, last night, because I was hemmed in on both sides by the dogs,  I fled my bed and camped out on the couch instead.  Good try Jeanette!  No more than 30 seconds later Auggie the Doxie and Toby the Pomeranian trailed after me and plopped themselves on top of me.  I try to sneak out while they appear to be sound asleep, but they seem to sense my absence.  I wish the old man would flee the bed and take his snoring and the dogs with him once in a while!  This is assuming the dogs would follow after him like they do me.  He refuses to do so because he says he is too tall to sleep on the couch in the living room or on the futon in the loft.  Phooey, this is the price I pay for being short!

The crowding is NOT the only problem.  Nothing gets past the fine-tuned hearing of these dogs; if they sense me trying to sneak out of bed away from them, they are not about to let the noisy neighbors get by without ear-splitting warning barks!  Then, Toby-doggie has a routine of sock hunting every evening too.  After I get into bed and drop my socks on the floor, Toby hunts them down and brings them back up onto the bed.  But first he has to whine his head off before he climbs back up the doggie stairs provided for that purpose.  We have no clue why he does that; it’s a fairly new annoying habit.

Sneaker the cat is not exempt from the disturbing nighttime activities.  He has no qualms about walking on top of all parts of our bodies.  When he’s tired of that, he roams around on top of the night stands knocking things over.  Even when he’s not in the bedroom he still makes a nuisance of himself in the living room.  We can  hear him batting things around on the floor; everything he can get his grubby paws on!

What is one to do?  I’m pretty sure it’s too late to train them to sleep in their own beds on the floor.  They want to stay up high, where they can OWN us, and they do!

More Pets – Our New Puppy, TobyNo

Enough attention for the crazy psycho killer dog. Let me introduce you to TobyNo, our new puppy. His name is actually Toby. However, we like to call him TobyNo; rolling it off the tongue as one word. Toby no doubt thinks his middle name is No, since it nearly always follows his first name as we admonish him for one thing after another. This little canine is a piece of work; to say the least, unlike any we have ever seen before.After losing our little Papillon, Stella Bella, who we homed for a very short time, I was convinced we’d have no more dogs. However, my husband is a bigger sap than I am when it comes to animals. A couple of months ago he came home full of tales about a Chihuahua litter that apparently tugged at his heart strings. He kept saying, “You have to come and see these little pups.” I said “no more pets”, and that I wasn’t particularly fond of Chihuahuas as a breed. He went on to say that he agreed, but that I have to see him.

Eventually he wore me down as he described the one particular pup that caught his eye. He was the only one in the litter with long hair. My interest began to pique even before I laid eyes on him. Since I love long-haired dogs, my resistance was beginning to wane. Also, long-haired Chihuahuas look a whole lot like Papillons, a breed we came to love while caring for Stella. Finally, after a couple of weeks of hearing about this little guy, I was talked into going to see him. We took Auggie and headed over to take a peek. On the drive over, my hubby casually mentioned that he named him. How did this happen? I asked myself. You don’t name a dog if he’s not going to be yours! But, by that point it was all over – enter Toby.

When we got to the back yard where he lived, we saw his litter mates, but no Toby. Finally he came out from behind a bush all prancing and bouncy, like here I am. What’s up? You could tell he was top pup as he interacted with the other puppies, and he was nearly twice the size of the others. Though the other pups were cute enough, Toby stood out as the one with all the energy and personality. We brought him home the following week.

Bless his heart; Auggie-doggie, more commonly known as crazy psycho killer dog, has taken to his little brother like a trooper. He puts up patiently with all his puppy nonsense. This, of course, warmed our hearts because we so wanted a playmate for Auggie, and we knew that in the past he hadn’t responded well to other puppies. He doesn’t like all the energy and constant playful mood of pups. But Toby hounded, pun intended, him to death until he finally gave in and began romping with him on a regular basis. He wasn’t immediately accommodating, and at first avoided him. But, soon enough he caved in to his cuteness, as though to say, “Alright already, I’ll play with you!”

Mom and Dad however forgot what it was like to have a puppy in the house. We couldn’t recall Auggie being this frisky as a pup. In any case, his cuteness far outweighs the craziness of his puppy antics of constant movement and chewing everything in sight. Thank God Auggie shares his toys fairly nicely, because this little guy needs to have something in his mouth at all times. Even our hands are nothing but big chew toys for him, and he thinks nothing of gnawing on them as though they are the best chew toys in the world.

He is a smart little rascal too and is quickly learning all the common doggie commands. At three months, he has already mastered “sit” and we are working on “down” and “shake.” Maybe we are just proud pet parents, but we think he is especially smart to learn so quickly. He mastered the stair steps we bought him nearly immediately and was climbing up and down to the easy chair and our bed just like a pro.

We are tickled pink he has joined our family. We will be taking him on his first family vacation over the Fourth of July holiday. We’re going to Las Vegas and staying at the Imperial Palace, one of Vegas’ pet friendly hotels. Auggie is a great traveler so we hope Toby follows his lead and doesn’t howl in his cage for the three and a half hour drive. This should be quite the experience; a good one we hope. It may very well be fodder for the next doggie story. Stay tuned.

Update:  Toby is now 3 years old.  We had his DNA tested and found out he is a Pomeranian MinPin mix – Surprise!

My Dog is a Crazy Psycho Killer

IMG_20141206_184532486Don’t let this little cutie fool you. He is a crazy psycho killer, seeking and devouring every toy animal in sight. Not only does he maim and rip to shreds their outer body, but digs deep into the innards to the ultimate goal; the plastic squeaky heart. Yes, I say the intentional goal is to reach this piece of plastic and forever silence its shrill voice. Then, and only then, is the kill final. If you value your own life, you must keep your distance while the kill is being played out. The menacing growls are warnings that you could be next.


Of course I don’t take my loony dogs’ antics seriously, because at the mere “leave it” command, he will instantly drop his prey and wait for me to throw it, so then he can start the chase all over again. He never tires of the hunt. Mom however tires of cleaning up the white guts that is strewn from one end of the house to the other! You’d think I’d learn. But no, I cannot resist as we stroll down the toy aisle of his favorite pet store and he barks wildly until I choose another victim for him.


I suppose one could think I’m just as crazy for indulging this killer dog as much as I do. My oldest daughter certainly must. She tells me that she hopes I have trained him to take care of me in my old age, because she sure the heck will not. The nerve! My daughter is jealous of my dog. It’s a good thing I have another daughter.


Recently I was accused of being a co-dependent pet owner. I’m thinking, what in hell does that even mean? So I immediately went to my trusty Google browser and asked the question. I found a new friend and a self-admitted co-dependent pet owner. Here is her description: You feel guilty for leaving your dogs for six hours and on the way home you stop at Burger King to bring home hamburgers for the poor neglected pets. I had to laugh and realized that I had not reached that place of dependency…yet!


So then dear doggie, you can keep up the hunt for the stuffed animal prey, ’cause Mom will not be bringing home any hamburgers for you anytime in the near future.