Men Have No Closet Rights


When it comes to closet space, men have no rights. Since the beginning of time it has always been understood that men do NOT have equal closet space rights.  Men just need to shut up about this and cut the whining! First of all, they are all a bunch of exhibitionists anyway and don’t have much clothing; i.e. they do not need as much closet space as the fairer sex.


Men have no clue as to what to do with their clothes in general. If they must put them on, then they want to wear as little as possible. Since they can’t wait to take them off, they can hardly be bothered to put them away in any organized fashion. Therefore, half the time they never even make it to the closet, but are dropped wherever they disrobed.


My husband has the nerve to tell me that when I bring new items home, that I must discard the same number from my closet, shoes included.  SHOES – a whole other subject. Just because they only need one pair each of dress shoes, tennis shoes and sandals, they think women can manage with less. Wrong messy idiot sticks! On the rare occasion that they take us out somewhere, they wouldn’t approve of tennis shoes or sandals with our evening wear. No, they’d want us staggering around on those stilt-like high heels that they created to make our hind end and legs look super sexy! That look comes with a price gentlemen – no closet space for YOU!


And why, pray tell, do they care how much stuff we have in the closet? Have you ever seen most men’s cluttered garages?  Do they not have primary domain over said garage? Heaven forbid we should want to store something in their precious junk collecting space!


The love of my life loves to throw stuff out; mostly MY stuff. He swears he doesn’t do it, but I KNOW he throws the silverware away. This I know, because he is always saying we only need one fork, one spoon, one knife, one plate, one bowl and one coffee cup.


If, at any time, I start seeing my skirts, dresses, blouses, slacks or shoes disappearing, my husband will no longer have to worry about equal space rights in the closet. He will no longer have equal living rights in the house, period!


As is, for some time now, I have been trying to figure out how I can get my hands on the 1/16th portion of his closet space.  Go ahead dear. Just try emptying out my closet like you do my kitchen cabinets. Come to Mama closet space!