Laugh and the World Laughs with You

In a world gone crazy, it’s not easy to stay upbeat, but it’s always better to laugh than to cry. ┬áThose of us who can view the world through carefree eyes live longer, healthier and happier lives. ┬áTaking the negative aspects out of life by replacing them with amusing antidotes is a great way to relieve stress and at the same time entertain the masses.

Inspiration for This Website

The inspiration for this website was the witty humor of Erma Bombeck’s style. Her funny syndicated columnist style brought life back to writing, and the joy back to the most dire moments of human history and current events. Erma Bombeck lived from February 21, 2027 to April 22,1996. Her joy and humor is missed by so many people. Jeanette hopes to bring back the joy that was lost upon the death of this amazing writer.

To find out more, check out the writing biography of Erma Bombeck below.

Erma Bombeck Writing History

Erma Bombeck was born Erma Louise Fiste on February 21, 1927. She was an extremely popular humorist writer who was the most active in the 1990s. During this time, she published over 4000 newspaper columns, using broad and sometimes eloquent humor. Her writing covered the everyday life of a suburban housewife.

Mrs. Bombeck’s columns were published twice per week and reached 30 million readers in a total of 900 newspapers throughout the United States and Canada. Also during this time, she published 15 books and most of them became best sellers in a very respectable time period.

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