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Jeanette was born and raised on the South side of Chicago Illinois in a traditional Italian family.  She lived there until she was 13, at which time her mother left her father to move to California.  A Greyhound bus trip with 5 kids from Chicago to Southern California is a horror story all on its own!  At some point, that story and the rest of Jeanette’s memoirs will hopefully make it to bookstores.  Though it would be a huge transition from nearly one coast to the other, leaving the snow behind was well worth the effort.

So while Jeanette always refers to Chicago as her home town, she is truly a California girl at heart and can’t imagine living anywhere where the beach is not within a reasonable driving distance.  She completed high school and graduated college from the School of Hard Knocks.  Traditional higher education was out since there were no funds and she chose to raise a family instead.  Along with practical education that raising a family affords, and as an avid reader, she considers herself to be self-taught.  She dares anyone to insult her intelligence!

To survive after divorcing her first husband, Jeanette was employed as an administrative assistant during her entire working career.  It never occurred to her that she had a burgeoning creative side just waiting to escape.  That light bulb moment happened during a particularly stressful day.  She had moved in with her ex-husband to help take care of him while undergoing chemo treatments.  Anyone who has experience at taking care of chemo patients knows how trying that can be.  And on this day her teen-aged daughters were giving her fits as well.  They had been arguing and screaming at each other all day; “get out of my room”, and “quit taking my stuff”!

As Jeanette wearied of her daughters carrying on, she slammed herself into her bedroom and wondered exactly how she found herself in such a predicament; temporarily unemployed and living with her cranky sick ex-husband and two daughters who had gotten on her last nerve.  Contemplating that, she picked up pen and paper and hashed it out in print.  What started out as a cathartic distraction turned into an awakening to her creative side.

It’s been many years since Jeanette’s recognition of her ability and desire to write, and while she has yet to publish a novel, she is working on it.  In the meantime, she has done some paid article writing and content writing for several websites.  Now, with the owning of her own site, she hopes to pursue her writing more actively.


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